Coming Home

We were delighted to be included in the April 18 issue of Elle Decoration as part of a feature on creative contemporary interior design. It highlights our collaborative work with Heal’s in which patterns originally created for ceramics have found new form in home furnishings, including armchairs, cushions and lampshades.  

For Myer, the relationship with Heal’s has a sense of coming home. The designs they have selected follow a lineage that dates back to the classic Heal’s designs of the mid-twentieth century when they were the first to promote the innovative works of textile designer Barbara Brown, among others. For that is the period, during the 1960s and ‘70s, when Myer was growing up in his parents’ design shop in south-west Scotland. Very unusually for rural Scotland at the time, the shop showcased iconic contemporary design objects. Filtered through a lifetime of rich and varied experience, those early influences remain a potent creative force in developing designs which, we hope, speak very much to the now.

The Elle Decoration article is the latest in a series of promotional features in leading design publications resulting from our association with Heal’s, one of the UK’s leading design stores. We feel very privileged to be working with them and are extremely grateful for the friendship and support they have provided throughout. As a small, self-contained design unit, it has been inspirational to see how a large creative team functions, from graphic designers and stylists, to buyers and public relations experts.  We would particularly like to thank Emily Rubner (@emilyrubner) for guiding us through the process. This culminated in a press day last November at which we were able to connect with freelance writers and curators and leading members of the press, such as Barbara Chandler (@sunnygran) of the Evening Standard. These connections have certainly paid dividends and given our designs a national platform, from which we are able to move forward with confidence.

And, of course, huge thanks to Elle Decoration (@elledecorationuk) for featuring us. 


Myer Halliday