This was a short biog written for a recent Heal's promo. 

Artists Biography - Myer Halliday

I was born in Perth and brought up in Dumfries. I studied social sciences at Edinburgh and Southampton Universities and Ceramics as Glasgow School of Art. Initially I worked as an academic in Southampton after my first degree in social sciences. Having a young family and needing a guaranteed income I trained as a social worker and worked in the local hospital before returning to Scotland in the mid 90s. I worked in various settings and in a number of roles before starting my ceramics degree at Glasgow School of Art.

I had done pottery since school and continued afterwards doing night classes and summer courses. One notable and idyllic week being spent with Phil Rogers at his home in Wales.

I always had had a pottery in a shed in the garden wherever I lived and probably would have continued like that forever had not an innovative degree course been set up by Archie McCall at Glasgow School of Art. A bit like an Open University style course, students had to have their own facilities at home and tuition was carried out online and four weeks a year in the GSA ceramics department in Glasgow and Hungary. Unfortunately this was the last degree level course in Scotland with the last student graduating in 2013.

Apart from the opportunity to be taught by notable makers and designers and to be in the midst of eager student colleagues what I took most from the course was a the ‘can do’ attitude that seemed to pervade the department. I hope that in some small way I’ve carried that attitude on into my practice. After graduating in 2009 I joined a collective of 80 artists and makers based on the river in Edinburgh. In 2011 I gave up regular employment to become a full time ceramicist and haven’t looked back since.

Myer Halliday                                                                                                       February 2017