Hynd and Halliday

Hello and Au Revoir

Eve Hynd and I came together through a shared love of design and craftsmanship. We also had a shared desire to make work that in terms of forms and techniques would extend what we had individually been involved with before. We recognised that in working together we could achieve a degree of synergy that would allow us to make a range of pieces which as individual elements would have their own characters and at the same time would complement each. Being able to showcase these pieces during The London Design Festival with the help of Craft Scotland, Highlands and Islands Emergents and GRAS architectural practice was to be honest a bit of a dream. It was a dream that came true for us with a huge amount of support and we would like to thank everyone who helped us along the way. 

And so......we would like to say au revoir. Having acheived what we set out to Hynd and Halliday has no active plans as a colloboration (although we are always open to suggestions!). If you would like to contact us, please do soeither through this website or email mail@myerhalliday.co.uk or eve@nativeflok.com 

Thank you all for taking an interest in what we've been doing. It really is all that it is about.